Certification, Appraisal and Warranty

Original certificates for all certified solitaires where noted are shipped along with the jewelry. While we provide an appraisal and lifetime warranty for all jewelry manufactured by us, our warranty does not cover diamonds above 0.20 cts in size. For such, we recommend that you purchase insurance to ensure security. We suggest Perfect Circle by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company for all jewelry insurance purposes. Additionally, our warranty is limited to covering damages caused due to faulty manufacturing. Damages caused by normal wear and tear may be chargeable but are limited to the cost of goods required to return the item to its original state.

Longevity & Maintenance

While we hope that you will be impressed enough with our quality and service to become a loyal customer and Beauvince champion, we would also like to ensure that each piece you purchase from us lasts forever. To ensure the longevity of your precious jewelry, here are our recommendations –

  • Store every piece of jewelry in the manner it was received from us or as recommended.
  • Do not allow a piece of jewelry to be stored of worn carelessly with another. Gemstones, metals and other materials of equal or greater hardness can easily cause damage to each other.
  • Diamonds attract dirt and oils. Clean your everyday diamond and gold or platinum jewelry using a mild detergent, luke warm water and a soft bristle brush to remove debris every 3 – 4 months when worn regularly.
  • Bring your jewelry in for a complimentary prong check periodically. If you find that a stone is moving or loose in its setting, bring it to us or another trustable jeweler to clean and secure it at your earliest convenience to avoid further damage or loss.