The name ‘Beauvince’ is the amalgamation of the words ‘beauty’ and ‘vincible’ combined to mean ‘with beauty one can conquer’. The brand seeks to cherish dreams, desires and strengths of jewelry lovers via diamonds - the strongest substance found in nature. We believe that all individuals are beautiful and unique in their own right. To that end, we seek to create designs and various related options to meet our clients' specific requirements to the best of our ability whether it is a simple design or something more complicated to represent a stage in a relationship, a life milestone or a memorabilia for future generations. In doing so, we strive to cater to our customers with creativity, quality and value.


At we look to create the perfect piece of jewelry so that it will be cherished forever. In addition to selecting a style from those available on our website, you can always contact us and schedule an appointment to come in and design a unique and personalized a piece of jewelry. Please email us at to set up a consultation. Even if you are unable to come in, we are happy to assist you via phone and email.


Our diamonds are purchased by seasoned gemologists from reputed suppliers ensuring that they come from a conflict-free source. They are then carefully matched to create the most lustrous and brilliant pieces of jewelry at hands of skilled craftsmen. Finally, finished jewelry is carefully inspected to ensure our stringent quality standards have been met before it is shipped to you.


Because each piece we manufacture is to your specifications we offer an additional service to further ensure its value before it is shipped. Apart from relying on our evaluation and appraisal, you are welcome to request from us an IGI (International Gemological Institute) certification and appraisal during check out which we may obtain for you at an additional charge.